A Sunday well spent

I don’t get to interact with small kids a lot. Many of you would feel me who live in a nuclear family in which either you are the youngest one or everyone around seems to be grown up already. Yes, I do have relatives who have kids (and boy, they are smart), but its not usual to visit them on a very regular basis and so interaction remains to minimum.

Why am I talking about interactions? Because I recently realised that a kid can teach one a thousand things. May be this is not something new that I am talking about, but yes, the fact bubbled up last Sunday when I, volunteering for CRY(Child Rights and You) at Kolkata, visited Howrah Maidan area for a medical/ health camp set up for kids which was organised by CRY. Little did I know that the camp I was going to be a part of would give me immense pleasure and joy inside even though the simmering heat of Kolkata made my bones sweat. Yes, the reason were the kids. The little ones, the true ones, the joyful ones.

The medical camp was organised in a school  adjacent to a local club room. The Public outreach team (of which I am a part of)  was given this small club room to interact and engage the kids after they were done with their medical check ups. Of course we were excited to engage the kids with our short plays which gave information about maintaining hygiene. The play that we had prepared was based on various topics such as Sanitation, washing of fruits and vegetables before eating, teeth hygiene etc. The kids were so much enthusiastic and attentive that it made our energy go double.

A still from the short play
A lot of kids knew already about the steps of washing hands. Do you all know? There are six steps of the same. I was amazed with this because I myself have never paid attention to these steps. I was happy to learn something from them along with being able to impart some education to them.

I had not imagined the kind of potential and talent those kids possessed; when asked if someone can dance or sing or for that matter, perform any entertaining act, almost all hands in the group used to go up and we were left with lesser time to choose kids to perform.

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I initially complained to myself about the heat and the sweat that the summer was causing, but after a while, I got so much engrossed that these petty things didn’t affect me. On close interactions or one to one interactions with some kids, I realised the kind of happiness they carried. They were so much happy with us coming over there on their holiday and meeting them, talking to them, knowing them. They felt so important and took pride. One of the kids, I remember, told me that she performed very well in her last exams and when I asked what does she want to be when she grows up, the answer was- a responsible Doctor. I could see the spark of dreams she carried in her eyes; probably she was encouraged with the fact of CRY organising these health camps where Doctors come and impart their services for the well being of the community. Some other kids kept just smiling. I did realise that kids are the tap of wonderful energy and reasonless happiness. I used to smile without reasons when I was kid. And I was thankful that I was there, in middle of these kids, to learn it back.



I felt happy with my step to be a part of a batch of people who are doing something to help these small bundles and packets of energy who will be future of our country.

I felt happy seeing those kids being happy.

I felt happy being a kid again in mid of those kids.

I felt happy for the smaller things that I have in my life which I take for granted.

I felt happy as I took a baby step of what Rippan Kapur (Founder of CRY) says:

“What I can do, I must do. ”

Truly, a Sunday well spent.


6 thoughts on “A Sunday well spent

  1. Nice job bro#its really an awesome feeling when we come to know that we r the reason 4 smile of sonebody..n u have brought smile on these kid’s faces…so well done bro


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