Happy Holi Folks. 

I am getting a chance to be with my family on Holi after some long time. Holi is one festival which gives you the opportunity of reaching out to and reconciling with “friends” who turned foes last year, Holi is one festival to paint yourself with whatever colour you like and allow everyone else to color you (as a child we all have painted ourselves, have we not ? even if that was with just the sketch pens), Holi is one festival to reach out to the person you secretly like and say “Bura na mano Holi hai”, Holi is one festival to wallow in mud like a buffalo with no one to judge you, Holi is one festival in which you can enjoy some deep sh*t desi drug added in laddoos or the lassis and laugh the whole day, and Holi is one festival to eat like maniacs and say “Dieting gayi bhaad me”. Holi is may be much more than that- its not just a festival, its a legacy, a way of living.

Why do I call it a way of living? Because there are a lot of learnings to absorb and apply in our lives from the festival. The basic one is to be carefree. We need to be more carefree and take life just a bit lighter

Its festivity all around and I am happy and joyful. The festival of holi brings the memories from childhood ever since I could remember. Do you all also reminisce about the bachpan ka holi like me- the carefree attitude of the kid you were who didn’t give a damn but was happy. I hope you all do and I also hope you enjoy your holi today as much as like your childhood holi. 


As a child, it was always about what kind of Pichkari I wanted for the given year’s Holi. (I really have no clue what is Pichkari called in english, I would rather use the words “the coloured water expelling syringe” if given the liberty of choosing words on my own) . What colour or which gulal was never a  matter of concern for me. The other thing was always the three exact things my mother used to prepare for sure  (still has not changed)- Pooris, kabuli Chole and Pua (Mal Puas). Added with these staple dishes, she used to prepare Gujiyas and some other sweets mainly the Gits wala Gulabjamun. Slowly with time, we started buying all the sweets from the market but the three dishes remained the same. To this day I am not sure, but this has to do with us being Biharis and we cant imagine of a holi withouts Pooris and Puas and that is why it stays with us every holi. And then the next important thing that was important for me as a child were the friends with whom I would play holi. That was important, may be as important as the festive food. Since I, as a child moved to several places due to the transferrable nature of my father’s job, the friend circle changed, the people around us changed but what remained constant was the Festivity and the Joy. 

Today I think about Joy- The happiness, the contentment, the rush of some hormone to your brain which makes you relax and feel good about being in this very cosmos. Is Joy quantifiable? Is it not? I think it is. It is so and so number of things in my wishlist. It is the endless number of wishes that keep replacing the older and the ones I have achieved and I postpone my joy to the next wish. Yes, I would be happy, I would be Joyful, but let me first achieve this- the next on the charts. 


The definition of Joy has changed now. May be that change is just for me and not for others, may be it is just the older version of me who has to step into his 30’s  but he is trying to hold on to his “present”- heck, may be he is trying to speak aloud that he is still a child at heart, just the body has stopped listening to the heart and has grown.  I need to add pictures on my facebook account before actually living the moment of taking the picture and wait for people to validate my Joy with their likes and comments. I have to think about what my relatives are thinking about me if I deny getting married now at their whims and wishes. I have to think about what life has in store for me in future. I have to compare me with my 500 friends on facebook and see if I had a similar or better Holi pictures to put on display for the whole world to see. I have to think where do I stand in this rat race of life, how fast am I running and would I be ever able to chase that God knows what thing I am after at the end of my race. I have to think about everyone else but me before being happy. The definition of joy has indeed changed now.  


Anyhow, that is just me trying to correlate A festival and the Joy it brings. I hope you all a very happy Holi and hope you all are enjoying to the fullest. 

Till next one…


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